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Simi Valley police arrest Rams practice squad center for DUI

Football fans in California have only had one chance to see Aaron Neary during a regular season NFL game, but he remains on the practice squad for the Los Angeles Rams as a center. His recent arrest on suspicion of DUI might complicate his career plans, but the team's coach was glad that no one was hurt when Leary allegedly drove under the influence of alcohol.

MS-13 gang members charged in California

The gang known as MS-13 used a remote California farm city as a base from which they engaged in criminal activity in places as far away as New York, according to prosecutors who filed charges against more than 20 alleged members. The charges came after a lengthy investigation into drug trafficking in Fresno County and were announced during an Aug. 31 press conference. The gang is said to have taken advantage of the scant resources available to law enforcement in the city of Mendota to conduct business without drawing unwanted attention.

What defines elder abuse in California?

Doctors, nurses, caregivers and other professionals come into the industry with good intentions. Your career revolves around taking care of others and meeting various needs. Caregivers in nursing homes work day in and day out to provide for the elderly under ever-changing circumstances. A report of elder abuse can put your life on pause. What exactly does elder abuse mean?

Can I get my charges reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor?

In most states, the law clearly distinguishes between felonies and misdemeanors. California also does this—to some degree. For instance, rape and murder are always felonies, while prostitution and solicitation are always misdemeanors. However, there is a large gray area in the California penal code of crimes known as “wobblers.”

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