White Collar Crime Cases Require Our Experienced Litigation Services

If you know or suspect that you may be under investigation for crimes involving deceptive financial practices, contact Chuck Smith, Attorney at Law, right away. Time is of the essence, as prosecutors may have already constructed evidence against you before you discover you are under investigation. Our law firm leverages decades of legal experience to represent clients across northern California accused of a wide array white collar crimes. We are experienced litigators, but also meticulously prepare each case for a full trial, if required.

Elements Of White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes all retain the aspect of financial gain obtained through misleading a victim, and can include:

  • Securities fraud: Misrepresentation of a business's prospects and future earning potential or holdings to secure investments.
  • Insurance fraud: Attempts to submit a false insurance claim to receive funds or when a company defrauds customers.
  • Insider trading: An individual with special, inside knowledge of a business's internal practices buys or sells stocks based on this information.
  • False statements: Knowingly withholding information or distributing information which you know to be false and which affects contracts and other agreements.

Protect Your Rights, Secure Your Assets

Recent high-profile fraud cases in the media led to more aggressive investigations and prosecutions for white collar crimes across California. Unfortunately, this caused some law enforcement agencies to become overzealous and accuse financial professionals of a wide range of crimes. Much like other criminal law cases, the stakes are high for white collar crime, as nearly every aspect of your life is in jeopardy including your family, freedom, assets as well as your reputation.

Call Our Fraud Defense Attorneys In Redwood City, California

If you face accusations of white collar criminal activity or believe you may be the target of an ongoing investigation, reach our firm immediately. Our lawyers will begin by walking you through your rights and possible courses of action during a free initial consultation. Schedule a meeting with our attorneys today by calling us at 866-410-0465 or reach out to our team by sending an email.