Tough Defense For Clients Accused Of Sexual Offenses

Sex-related criminal offenses often lead to life-altering penalties. Often, even the accusation of a sex-related charge could immediately ruin your standing in the local community, end your career and lead to divorce. The potential for such profound effects to your future call for a knowledgeable, efficient and experienced lawyer in your corner.

At Chuck Smith, Attorney at Law, we provide the effective counsel and professional litigation clients need to overcome legal challenges.

Experienced Redwood City Sex Crime Defense Attorneys

At our firm, clients know they are in good hands. Competent and experienced trial lawyers are ready to represent them. Our attorneys understand the nuisances of complex California criminal law and help clients counter charges of:

  • Sexual assault
  • Child molestation
  • Rape
  • Statutory rape
  • Soliciting minors online
  • Date rape
  • Possession of child pornography

We Fight For Optimal Outcomes For Our Clients

Today's zero tolerance policy for sex crimes often leads to overzealous prosecution and false accusations. Prosecution for this type of crime carries harsh punishment, including lengthy prison sentences as well as mandatory registration on a sexual offender registry for life. We understand the full scope of what is at stake for you. That is why our attorneys passionately battle in and out of the courtroom to secure the best possible outcome for our clients. Reach us for your no-cost initial consultation and allow our lawyers to examine the circumstances of your case.

Consult With Our Firm Act Now To Keep Your Freedom

There is no time to lose if accused of a sex crime. You must act quickly and not ignore the situation hoping it will resolve itself. There is far too much at stake for you and your family. Pick up the phone right away and reach a dedicated attorney from our Redwood City office by calling 866-410-0465. Set up an appointment to receive your free, initial consultation. You may also reach a member of our team through email.