Knowledgeable Property Crime Defense Attorneys

Crimes involving property range from offenses for shoplifting to destruction or theft of another individual's property. At Chuck Smith, Attorney at Law, in Redwood City, California, our law firm offers focused legal representation for clients accused of property crimes. Our law firm is well-respected and backed by a formidable track record of successful outcomes for our clients. From skilled litigation services to full-scale trial representation, we are ready to stand in your corner to fight for your rights.

Property Crime Examples

Property crimes include a wide-range of specific acts, including:

  • Theft: The act of depriving another individual property which he or she owns.
  • Grand theft: This additional category of theft is for cases where the stolen property's value is at or over $950.
  • Burglary: Involves the intent to steal from an individual, but can also include trespassing in a home or other structure with the intent to commit an additional crime such as a sexual assault or rape.

Aggressive Legal Counsel To Help Avoid Conviction

Convictions for property crimes range considerably based on the severity of the case, but will often include:

  • Court-ordered compensation to victims
  • Years behind bars
  • Substantial monetary fines
  • Lengthy probation terms

Crucial Role Of A Criminal Defense Attorney

There is no such thing as a "minor" crime. Due to the significant penalties you could experience when faced with a property crime charge, it's crucial that you secure experienced legal counsel. An experienced attorney can help ensure your side of the story is heard and help articulate any extenuating circumstances which occurred. Additionally, a respected lawyer can attempt to plea bargain to reduce any potential sentences you face.

Legal Defense Strategies To Unlock Your Best Course Of Action

If you or a family member face conviction for property crimes, you need a lawyer on your side to step you through your available courses of action. Our firm is ready to represent you and fight for your freedom. Call and let us know if you would like to take advantage of a free initial consultation. Reach our northern California office right away by calling 866-410-0465. Please also feel free to contact us through email.