Rigorous Advocacy To Protect Minors Accused Of Juvenile Offenses

Those under the age of 18 who face accusations of criminal activity undergo a significantly different legal process than adult counterparts. Juvenile courts focus effort on rehabilitation to helps minors get back on a positive track for the future. Juvenile court also provides the judge with broad discretion when ruling on a case. To help avoid excessive punishment and protect the rights of minors, Chuck Smith, Attorney at Law, offers aggressive defense representation. Reach us today and help protect your child's future.

Factors Considered In Juvenile Legal Proceedings

Juvenile courts in California hear a wide range of cases related to crimes committed by minors. Many of these cases involve drug use and possession, assault, theft and crimes involving violence, among others. Since judges retain significant flexibility and broad discretion when ruling on juvenile cases, it is important to understand the factors that they consider and which could influence decisions. Some of these factors include:

  • Age of the defender or offender
  • The child's record of past behavior
  • The severity of the crime
  • The child's home life and more

Secure Your Child's Right To A Bright Future

It is vital to have an experienced defense attorney on your family's side. We strive to ensure minors receive fair treatment and that the punishments fit the crime. We understand the impacts this could have on their lives. As a community-focused law firm, we fight to secure a wide range of counseling or substance abuse services for our juvenile clients. Reach us today and let us help get your youth's life moving forward in a positive direction.

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Children all make mistakes, but when bad judgment leads to prosecution in a juvenile court, their future education and employment prospects may be at risk. Our firm possesses decades of experience fighting to protect the rights of minors facing punishment in the juvenile court system. Reach out to us and let us examine the details of the charges and make recommendations for your best course of action. Reach us by calling 866-410-0465 or by sending our Redwood City criminal defense firm an email.