Do Not Allow Elder Abuse Accusations To End Your Career

Abuse of the elderly is a reprehensible occurrence in our society. However, it is often falsely reported. The signs and symptoms reported to medical care providers as elder abuse have an innocent explanation. Contact Chuck Smith, Attorney at Law if accused of abuse of an elder. We will invest our time, energy and decades of legal experience to ensure you can represent your side of the story. Our Redwood City-based criminal defense law firm will help protect your reputation and fight for your freedom.

Specific Types Of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse occurs in many forms, but often falls into one of the categories below:

  • Physical: Outward signs of abuse, including bruises, broken bones, cuts and burns.
  • Neglect: Endangering the health or safety of a senior by purposefully neglecting their care and well-being.
  • Financial: Stealing funds or accusations of financial fraud directed at a senior.
  • Emotional: Isolation, ridicule, humiliation or other methods of inflicting mental abuse on a senior citizen.

Effective Criminal Defense Attorneys In Your Corner

Accusations of elder abuse often occur due to accidents or injuries. These injuries can range from trips and falls to excessive bruising and more. Additionally, some of the accusations of elder abuse are blatantly false. These false accusations often come from confused elders or from an elder who does not have a good relationship with a care provider. Regardless of the circumstances, our lawyers work hard to represent your interests and fight to protect your rights.

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